Civilization Found melting out of ice in Antarctica!?

Uploaded by  on Nov 13, 2011 – Video about how Antarctica was up way more north.
From Subscriber: Hiya there,
In your video “” at about 2:35 You show some marking that you found. I recognized them right away as Norse runic letters.
The one that looks like a “P”
And the other that looks like an “X”

******* IT LOOKS LIKE GOOGLE EARTH HAS NOW TAKEN THESE IMAGES DOWN. I HAVE TONS OF GREAT UP CLOSE PICS AND LOOKING TO FIND OUT HOW TO GET YOU TO THE HISTORICAL IMAGE. Turning back on comments so I can read the trolls idiotic comments. If you have something worth while to say, shoot! Much love!
WATCH IN FULL SCREEN HD 66°15’05.22″ S 60°53’08.61″ W
Hollow Earth Entrance at 1:11 mark
The Head, Golden Statue, Crossed Swords, & More near Entrance at02:11
The Rock Runway at 4:11 minute mark
The Indian Warrior at 04:57 minute mark
Grand Pyramid at 7:00 minute mark.
Smaller Pyramid 2 at 9:00 minute mark
Dragon at 10:44 minute mark
Antenna Man shortly after Dragon
Statue, Dog, Mushroom statues at 13:25 minute mark

End of video is second place with coordinates listed below!
I search through pictures of Mars, Earth, and anywhere I can find and download the hi-res. I found some of these through those and just pure luck in the middle of the night bored. Hop on Google Earth and check this out with me!

Open Google Earth,
Put in 66°15’05.22″ S 60°53’08.61″ W

Then enjoy!

The second area is:
66°39’50.61″ S 110°29’21.83″ E


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