2012-1201 Skyfall

A day of traveling to the Front Range of Colorado after days of heavy trailing overhead and to our west leaves the sky a milky iridescent haze.

I believe that I only capture three planes trailing on this day, but the trails they leave behind are so persistent, so full of residue, that the colors of the sky change, and change profoundly.  Some of the shots early on (1:40) or so, clearly show the iridescent colors of this oily sheen left by the pollution of these aircraft.  The clouds as sen the night before ( at 2:27) also showing this iridescent color pallet.   A couple of persistent trails are photographed as I shoot pics from the car beginning at (2:35).  By 3:36, I’m in Denver and the sky is covered, grossly so, with this pollution.  Many waves, of both long and short wavelengths are seen against the bright December sunlight.  Some of my favorite video from this day begins at 5:15… and runs till 6:34.

I end it with some still pictures and the music from the band Train and their song “Calling all Angels” that specifically mentions the chemtrails in the opening of this song.

Keep looking up!   –Scott Stevens

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