The Pattern Of Extreme Weather- 2011


Image: National Geogrphic

The theme of extreme weather is not new to anyone nowadays. The proof is there at your finger tips, if only everyone would look. This article will cover some of the most prominent weather modification events from 2011 to 2012 so that maybe we can further our understanding of these hectic times without freaking out too much. The most important thing to know is that you should be prepared. Even though asteroids and aliens might not be the situation this does not mean that hurricanes and earthquakes do not exist and are not something to be feared. A simple understanding of the Earth and our Solar System can wake you up to the truth about what is going on. You can even monitor everything that is going on scientifically with our planet from your desk.  You might need some coffee though…

A site that I have found very useful is: SuspiciousObservers

This is a You Tube site where everyday they give a quick update of the Earth’s weather along with solar weather and earthquake monitoring. They point our special or strange events going on with highlights on extreme weather. They also give links to great sorce sites for you to do your own research. This no nonsense site is very helpful to me for knowing what is going on day to day without waiting to bull crap commercials.

Weather Anomalies For 2011-

Graph showing historical numbers of billion-dollar disasters over time

(Image from

As you can see when we reached the 21st century the weather events skyrocketed, growing until the year 2011. This year was not any exception and seemed to get worse.  If we take a closer look at the year 2011 it gets kind weird. All major media are explaining these events together with the “Global Warming” excuse and then prceed to blame us for this. What they aren’t telling people is that all the planets of our solar system are experiencing similar situations and that we couldn’t have a big enough footprint to effect them. The only thing that could would be our sun .

*All of the following broke records last year:

January 2011:

Record Snowfall & Snowstorms

February 2011:

Groundhog Day Blizzard

March 2011:

Texas Drought, Japan Earthquake & Tsunami (Big Enough To Shifted Earth’s Polar Axis)


April 2011:

Nebraska Snowstorm, Texas Drought, Extreme High On East Coast

May 2011:

Extreme Flooding in upper Mid-West States, Texas Drought & Wildfires In Texas, Alaska, Canada & Belgium

June 2011:

Extreme flooding continues with Texas drought enveloping Alabama and parts of Georgia and Florida

July 2011:

Third month of Flooding and Drought and continues to grow until the end of the month until they weaken.

August 2011:

Record high temperatures with the appearance of Hurricane Irene that hit multiple states in the North East and causing over $7.0 billion in damages/costs; at least 45 deaths.

September 2011:

Tropical Storm Lee hits the entire East of the United States. Wildfires still breaking out in Texas and the South West.

October 2011:

Record Rainfall and High Temperatures

November  2011:

Northeast Snowstorm which left more than 3 million people without electricity.

December 2011:

Thankfully a pretty quiet month for the holidays in the US or maybe just a recharge for 2012….


Weather Map US:

Year Event List:

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