Women To Be Drafted Under Pentagon Plan


This is obviously supposed to separate men and women from trusting each other by setting a conflict in motion in the middle of the two genders of our race.  Making men and women strive to become more superior then the other is easy when the media and government choose to favor one minority over another. This is not just a step for the military but also in the normal work forces at home. More women than me are getting jobs or promotions. This is also true about many other groups to the point that the average american white male has become it’s own minority but this is not new as it has progressively been happening for years.  This creates such an illusion that hatred and jealousy are bound to breed beyond control. If anyone has read 1984 you are familiar with one of the major themes in that book regarding this topic….The anti-male group of women that Winston’s lover was part of. The author pictured them as extremely prideful and spiteful against men, like they were a police force strictly created to make men subordinate to women and to cause animosity between the two groups. I am a women and I know that this is not right, we are equal in every way, you cannot have one without the other, we are two sides of the same coin. However you would like to put it we cannot forget that we need one another to stay human and that separating us  MAKES US WEAK! Do not fall for this people. I know that it is great that women now have another right to use to our advantage but this just sounds like they are trying to control us even more.

Alex Jones is right in saying that this has potential to take both the mother and father away from the home to teach their children. This can also lead to depopulation in the long run and might have actually been meant for that purpose to begin with. After all they did test all this out with Israel right? Look it up 🙂

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