Endangered Animal Cloning

Researchers have already succeeded in producing pluripotent stem cells from...

So one must ask themselves….is this like “playing god” or is it a crucial aspect for technology to help rewrite our wrongs as a human species? There are many studies which reflect that we are the primary cause of endangered animals and extinct animals. Should we try to fix this problem by cloning the animals? I know that it is a step in science that could not be skipped over or ignored. With our understanding of how to isolate certain cell products for making life we were bound to take it further to attempt to recreate the lost family members of planet Earth.

The process is pretty simple to understand. They extract egg cells from the animal they wish to clone then plant them into a surrogate animal with similar DNA and species structure like Lynx cells inside of a domesticated cat. While this works it still only allows recently extinct animals that they had taken egg cells from in the past to be planted into another kind of animal in the present to carry full term and give birth when ready. It doesn’t help any animal that they haven’t taken egg cells from since those are probably the purest form of cloning material that they can get.

The problem with older animals is that they have to use other kinds of cells to clone them and most of the time the animal does not live for very long. Almost like since the humans didn’t take DNA from their source, which I would think would be eggs cells, that they were not arranged properly or has problems because it was not born from the source coding.

So are they just preparing for the more recent species or are the just practicing for the future? Whatever might happen this is a very controversial argument as well as an interesting one. Nonetheless it should be watched. This is because I think that many of our science and technology community, especially well funded groups, have a lot more information regarding cloning possibly to the point of cloning human beings. I also believe that they have been successful. If I had all the money in the world this would be a project that I would have full ears on. When the human race can start cloning itself by private companies give way to new property arguments and human rights problems. In the scariest situation it could really mean companies owning people legit style, since they created them in the first place.

If you have not seen the movie Cloud Atlas……please go see it. Your mind will be blown 🙂

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