The Current School System: Our First Brainwashing Institution

This is probably not a new idea since most of us have gone through the school system at one point or another and have lived in full view of it’s tendencies to violate constitutional rights that are not granted to children. Most of the time, when you are in elementary, middle and high school you have no idea what your rights are. Perhaps that’s why they teach government senior year, so they can get you the fuck out of there before you start using those rights against the system that was created to break and silence you. This video below which was taken from Info Wars and once again they have excellent examples:

Paranoid Teachers Ban Toy Guns

Bubble, paper and toy guns are now illegal or worth mentioning to authorities as “terrorist methods” ? This is all such insanity and to think that these kids have been the ones to be tested and set as examples is sad. The best we can do is to keep reading and noticing how all of this is being pulled together to make a pretty visual and obvious picture.

There was an article published on CBS St.Louis which talks about a a start in mandatory drug testing at Kansas City High School. Regardless of whether or not a student is taking drugs of any kind Kansas City High School will be conducting these tests by using the students hair, which gives them full record of any chemicals that kid might have taken in. By the school system playing this role they are teaching these kids to be subservient  and oppressed. While I agree with respecting your elders, these new brainwashing methods that are being used in The Gun War or The War On Drugs is now targeting the children and the future.

“The school will collect 60 strands of hair from the student and test for several types of drugs, including marijuana and cocaine. If a student comes back with a positive drug test, that student will have 90 days to get drug-free. KSHB-TV reports the file will be destroyed for a student who tests positive after graduation and colleges and universities will never know about the failed test.” – (CBS St. Louis)

That is all fine and dandy but if they were legal adults they would have a choice whether or not to submit to a drug test. After a 90-day period of time and they are still not clean what is the ultimatum?  Expulsion or Juvenile Detention time? If they do have a drug problem then I would think that this would make everything worse. What about labeling? Children do mean things like that all the time and the word spread like a wildfire. This  sounds like it is not meant to fix the problem of underage drug abuse but to control children to the point of submitting their legal rights entirely. This once again creates more problems then solutions, as usual.

Full Article

Personally my younger brother does not attend public school anymore and completes virtual school in a very timely manner. The whole idea was brought on by him in the first place and he has done so much better since he started virtual. I do worry a little about him not being in the same environment as kids his age but he seemed much more mature then them to begin with. Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s the school system but if the children are going to learn anything I would like to be in a place without added on stress. It is not their job to scientifically test our children it is their job to provide a great education for them to succeed in life with.

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