Chemtrails Bradenton Florida Febuary 4th 2013

I might as well….

Put up my own documentation, right?

So I just thought that I would start posting these on the internet as a sort of monitoring system for myself and anyone else who might want to know. I encourage anyone who can read clouds to please give more information about these and also in later posts showing weird clouds in the Bradenton area. I would love to know what is normal and what is abnormal, learning is everything.

My boyfriend and I have been noticing these chemtrails in our area for about 2 years and have watched more and more of them appear from planes as time passes. We live near Sarasota airport and see a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic from planes everyday and every night. These chemtrails are never created by planes in low altitude and are always very high up. The geometrical shapes created are very strange to see. They create boxes, triangles, long parallel lines, waves and much more. Again, this is more like the first piece of a documentation of the weather in this area of Florida.  If anyone has their own pictures I would love to take a look at them 😀 Below is a video I took yesterday while driving. It’s shaky but you can see the pattern, blanketed clouds and the long straight line ones. It makes everything look so surreal.

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