Henna Your Hair

What You Will Need:

♦ Aprox. 200 grams of henna. (This depends on the length of your hair. My hair is   past my shoulders and I use about 300 grams.)

♦ Your choice of extra ingredients.

♦  Hot but not boiling water or tea.

♦ A wooden or glass bowl. (Don’t use metal.)

♦ Some plastic gloves. (When I didn’t have them I just used plastic Walmart bags and rubber-banded or hair-tide the bases of my fingers and wrists.)

♦ Dying brushes for intricate dying such as tipping or doing ombre effects.(Optional.)

♦ Chap-stick (For lining places like behind the ears, at the temples, along the forehead and the back of your neck. This makes it easier to wipe off the henna without it staining your skin. Optional.)

Mixing The Henna:

1. I mix my henna the day before I am going to apply it. This is so that it can fully release it’s dye. You don’t have to do it for that long though, I just wanna make damn sure ;P and this method has never failed me before.

2. Take your measured amount of henna and dump it into your bowl. Add your other ingredients such as hibiscus powder, coffee, essential oils, etc.

3. Start pouring in your water or tea slowly, while mixing it in with a non-metal utensil.  Keep adding your water until you have created a nice, thick paste as shown above. (Not my picture)

4. Make sure that there are no dry balls left in the mixture. Then cover it with plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for the following day.

Applying Your Henna Mixture:

1. Put your gloves on and some black clothing or clothes that you do not care about staining. You might want to cover your floors with something too, especially if you are doing this alone.

2. Pick up a handful of your mixture and start working it through your hair. If you stain your scalp it will come out within a couple of days and it isn’t too bad of a problem. The henna will not hurt you in any way. It will be cold at first but will warm to your temperature in a couple moments.

3. Keep applying it until it literally looks like you put a bunch of mud on your head. Like the image below:  (Not my picture)

4. When you are done applying the henna cover you head with a shower cap or wrap a plastic bag around you head and tie it. I usually finish it off with a towel or I wrap a sari around the outside of the shower cap so I can go out in public XD

5. Leave the mixture in for at least four hours.

6. Wash the henna out in the shower with cool water and your choice of conditioner. This will keep the  in your hair follicle and also the moisture that your hair desperately needs. Normally I do not use shampoo while rinsing the henna out but you can if you would like. I noticed that it just overly drys out my hair when I do this.

7. Then you are done! Easy huh?

Extra Tips:

♦ Wash you hair before you apply the henna. Your hair should be clean and wet for this.

♦  Remember that your henna mixture is a work of your own design. Research the best add-on herbs and oils to make your henna all you depending on the structure of your hair.

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